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Home-building Consulting Services
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Getting Started With Consult ‘n Build

Getting started is easy! Especially since Consult ‘n Build offers a FREE Initial Consultation to help get you on your way! After that, it’s just a few simple steps to get you started.

FREE Initial Consultation

Every potential Consult ‘n Build client will receive a free, no pressure consultation. We are looking for clients that have a powerful drive to achieve their goals.

Why You Need Us

Consult ’n Build’s subcontractors recognize the importance of finishing a job in an efficient manner. Our lists of subcontractors know that if they do not provide quality work, we will no longer use their services.

If you would like a free consultation

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The Consult ‘n Build Advantage


  • Step-by-Step Procedures

  • Day-to-Day Work Flow Calendars

  • Space for Your Permits