1. 100% financing applies in most cases. Occasionally, depending upon credit, debt, scope of project, type of project, and state, the lender may not offer 100% financing. In these cases, a down-payment or equity position may be required. Speak with your loan officer for details on your specific situation. Interest rates and origination points vary depending on the lending program. Please consult with the lender for specific rates and options on your loan.
2. This is an owner-builder program for the do-it-yourself-er. Consult ‘n Build does not guarantee any amount of equity on any project. Typical savings from previous clients have been 10 to 25%.

Consult ‘n Build Terms & Liability Agreement for the Owner-Builder

Although I, the Owner-Builder, may request CONSULT `n BUILD to assist me in locating individuals or companies to assist me in the construction of my home, I understand that it is my responsibility to interview and check the credentials of anyone I choose to do work for me. Therefore, under no circumstance will I claim that CONSULT `n BUILD or their lenders have endorsed any entity or person. In the event any person I hire to assist me performs in an unsatisfactory manner, neither CONSULT `n BUILD nor its representative shall have any liability whatsoever. In other words, I acknowledge that I will be solely responsible for whom I hire and how they perform. I also agree to act as the general contractor of my homebuilding project and oversee all functions of this position. I understand that CONSULT `n BUILD will assist me with guidance and support and that CONSULT `n BUILD is in no way representing themselves as a general contractor or project manager. I understand that CONSULT `n BUILD is a consulting firm and I am the general contractor and project manager of this project. I take full responsibility for the cost-to-build budget, for all subcontractors and for overseeing the completion of this project.

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