Consult ‘n Build services are unparalleled in the Owner-Builder industry. In times past, the average person would not even think of trying to build their own home. Doing it on your own without any knowledge or experience was unthinkable.
The Consult ‘n Build Program can make the unthinkable a wonderful reality. We can help make building your own home manageable and economical.

Your home will be built the old-fashioned way, with quality materials and skilled subcontractors that you hire.

We will provide you with all the support and information that you need. You will learn skills that can change your financial life.

Consult ‘n Build’s Equity Maximizing Program provides the best most innovative financing available, 100% financing, nothing down, and zero payments while you build your dream home.

This time-tested plan, together with our knowledgeable customer support team, enables anyone to succeed. Whether you are a corporate executive or a single mom, you will move in with thousands of dollars in equity that will also lower your monthly mortgage payments and help you save money.