Many people build their own homes every year. Typically, they will complete their house and save money in the process. There can be costly, unforeseen pitfalls, however; inexperienced, unassisted owner-builders take much longer to complete their homes due to lack of communication and control over subcontractors, who can be infamous for their absenteeism and high prices.

Consult ’n Build’s subcontractors recognize the importance of finishing a job in an efficient manner. Our lists of subcontractors know that if they do not provide quality work, we will no longer use their services. Therefore, we want our clients to be able to both complete their home in a timely manor and save many thousands of dollars.

Mortgage lenders are very cautions about lending to owner-builders. Unfortunately, lenders often have bad experiences with novice builders. However, owner-builders backed by Consult ‘n Build’s services take advantage of our management team history, experience, and reputation in the industry.

Usually, lenders require that owner-builders have their lots paid for or have a large down payment for their house. Consult ‘n Build’s lenders have developed a special program that gives most of our clients 100%, zero down financing with no interest payments during the construction process.

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